OxyGen is a Roguelike set on a hostile planet an Astronaut stranded on. To survive he has to find resources, mainly oxygen and water to be able to survive. Spare parts for his spaceship are scattered all over the planet, but he has to fight the environment and mutated animals to get to them.
The game was created by students from the School4Games namely Tim Keil, Moritz Berning, Sybille Hell and me using the Unity Engine 4.7. It is playable on OxyGen.school4games.net.

My part

OxyGen was the first project I worked on as a Game Designer. I created the game design Document and mocked up the game. My focus was on communicating my ideas and solutions with the programmer of the team.

Since we were a pretty small team I also created the homepage for the game, looked for fitting music and edited the sound effects.



I designed and created a paper prototype for OxyGen. Its main purpose was evaluating the gameplay and estimating its difficulty. It also gave us a general idea of how balancing values would change the gameplay.

While playing the prototype, we made a lot of small changes and adjusted some values to make the prototype interesting.

The Game Design Document

OxyGenGDD (pdf)

The GDD was the document I spent the most time working on.  I started out writing mostly continuous text, but noticed that it was difficult to read for the programmer. So, I went about structuring the text into very short paragraphs and used more graphical tools like flowcharts and mock-ups. I learned a lot about how to make the text easily readable and understandable while working at this project.

Before and after the restructure.

Post Mortem

What went well

  • Great learning experience on creating and documenting a design
  • Great teamwork and feedback on my design
  • Interesting genre and setting

What went wrong

  • Missing UI assets
  • Balancing started to late and was pushed farther back the whole time.

What I could have done better

  • Earlier prototyping
  • Earlier structuring of the Design Document
  • More and iterative playtesting
  • More In-Engine work