Faun’s Trial

Faun’s Trial is a visual novel inspired by Celtic mythology. It tells the story of Sökare, a young faun, trying to find her tribe and having to face a dark threat.

This game was created by six students from the S4G School for Games using the Unity Engine with the Fungus plugin as a tool for creating visual novels. I was responsible for the code, the creative writing and the design and the documentation.

You can download the game on the Faun’s Trial Website.

The Creative Writing

Since I had no previous experience in creative writing, I started by researching and reading “The Ultimate Guide to Video Game Writing and Design” by Flint Dille and John Zuur Platten. I started by outlining the general plot and describing all the scenes. After that I made extensive character sheets, meticulously describing the personality, appearance and more of each character appearing in the game.

Following that, I wrote a short outline for the scene and started creating a flowchart (like the one below) for the dialogue tree and finally wrote a screenplay for each scene, defining the character dialogue and actions to be implemented in the game.

The Code

Since we used Fungus to provide us a visual editor for storytelling, my main task was providing functionalities like global sound settings, animations and camera movement.

My experience with coding was limited, so I had to do some groundwork in learning C# and how to effectively use it for my purpose. With the acquired knowledge (and the support of the Unity Scripting Reference) I was able to solve the tasks and learn a lot in the process.

Another challenge was using scripts in connection with Fungus. I had to substitute a script to change scenes with my own, so I had to integrate it into the Fungus UI.

Another example of this was triggering a puzzle from a Fungus-Script and triggering Fungus, when the puzzle was done.