About me


I am Jonathan, born 1988 in Berlin and currently living there.

After school, I tried to get into the creative industry by studying Graphic Design and got some work experience in the field. During that time I worked on a web comic about sheep for over two years’ time.  (For those interested, it’s called Mäscot and you can find it here. Keep in mind that it’s German only though.)

In 2012 I finally found the opportunity I was looking for and started studying Game Design at the S4G School for Games and have graduated in September 2015.

I am mostly interested in system design and believe that complex system don’t have to be complicated. So, I specialize on the simplification, communication and visualization of system as well as creating elegant systems.

With my experience as a comic artist and in graphic design, I also bring knowledge about graphical storytelling and visual communication to the table.

Favourite Games

I mostly enjoy strategy and construction games. I’ll list some, but not all of my favourite games. (Even though not every on of them falls into one of those categories.) Each of those games has a personal meaning to me and influenced how I view, design and play video games.

  • Half-Life Series
  • Civilization Series
  • Sim City 2000
  • Cities Skylines
  • League of Legends

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