Faun’s Trial

Faun’s Trial is a visual novel inspired by Celtic mythology. It tells the story of Sökare, a young faun trying to find her tribe and having to face a dark threat.

This game was created by six students from the S4G School for Games using  Unity Engine. I was responsible for programming, creative writing and the design document.

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OxyGen_TitelscreenOxyGen is a roguelike set on a hostile planet. The player has to manage resources and fight monsters to be able to survive. He escapes by finding spare parts for his spaceship that are scattered all over the planet.

The game was created by students from the School4Games, namely Tim Keil, Moritz Berning, Sybille Hell and me. It is playable on

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Portal 2 Levels

2015-07-20_00014As more of a personal project, I tried to gain some experience in designing levels by creating some in Portal 2. My goal was to learn about how to lead  the player through the level and how to teach them new mechanics.

My main challenge was using just a few elements in different combinations to to create interesting situations for the player.

I uploaded the levels to the Steam Workshop and got a lot of positive feedback. One of the levels was even featured on the front page and, to this date, received around 350 views and more than 250 positive ratings.

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